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Summer Tutoring

Tutoring doesn't mean help your child get a correct answer.
It means help your child learn how to get the correct answer.
Tutoring doesn't mean tell your child what he or she should know.
It means help your child learn what he or she should know.

Is your child behind on one or more subjects?
Is your child stuck on one particular problem?
Could your child use a little 1 on 1 teaching?
Is your child not quite ready to start school in September?

My tutoring will make a difference, Guaranteed

Whether your teenage son is having trouble with math, or your pre-school daughter needs help with colors and shapes, I can make a difference.

Whether your child needs outside help, or just needs some one on one time that you don't have time for, I am here for you, and for him/her.

One time help, or ongoing
Contact me to arrange an interview. We will figure out how much help is needed, and the best way to help your son or daughter.

Programs and Prices:

    Ongoing / Summer Tutoring

Does your child need some help catching up on something? Do you want to arrange for 2 or more sessions of 1 to 2 hours each?

I start with an initial assessment which is free, then we discuss the needs, and see if your child wants me to teach him or her. If so, we schedule the first session and I put together lessons. Pay for the first session AFTER it is done, and only if you and your child are happy. Tutoring is normally done at my place, but can also be done at your place, anywhere within Smiths Falls, or can be done at the public library.

At the initial meeting, I will find out what is needed and plan my sessions. Most of my tutoring lessons are put together from scratch, and are often customized for your child. I also make the lessons fun, especially for younger children, and little breaks are taken as needed to keep them going. Before starting any tutoring, I find out what your child needs help with, and some of his or her interests. I then prepare to make learning fun by incorporating his or her interests into the lessons.

We will decide on one or two sessions per week and how many weeks you want to go. There is no commitment, but there is a discount if you prepay for several sessions. 20% off if you prepay for 4 or more sessions, plus, prepaying reserves your slot for as long as you choose.

No payment is due until after the first session, unless we decide to do no further sessions.

I also offer limited free tutoring, or alternative pay methods, for those who can't afford to pay. Just let me know when you contact me.

My place, in Smiths Falls - 1 hour session - $18     2 hour session - $30
Your place, in Smiths Falls, or anywhere else in SF - 1 hour session - $25     2 hour session - $35

    One Time

Did your child just hit a little stumbling block that you need someone to help him or her with? Do you think one session of 1 to 4 hours is all that is needed?

We start with an initial consultation at a time that is convenient for you, your child, and myself. We do this either by phone or in person. If we decide that one time help is all that is needed, we set up the date, time, and location. The amount of time can be decided in advance, or left open to see how it goes.

Emergency - immediate help (today or tomorrow) needed
Does your child need some immediate help with something? No time for consultation and planning? He/she just needs someone to help with something right now? I could be available with an hour notice, and can pretty much always squeeze a time in by tomorrow.

Let's kick that stumbling block out of the way so he/she can move on. :-)

You pay when we are done, unless my time made no difference.

Same rates with min 2 hours + $16 for each additional hour

About Me:
I have helped children of friends and family for years, then in 2013 I decided to offer very limited tutoring publicly for the summer. Since then, I have professionally helped several children with various topics. Some examples:
Helped a 5 year old girl with shapes, colors, the alphabet, and counting to help her be ready for school.
Helped an 8 year old boy catch up on his math.
Helped an 11 year old boy with reading and learning Canada's capitals. To help with both at the same time, I wrote him a story where he travelled across Canada by 4 wheeler and snowmobile. He likes travelling, 4 wheeling and snowmobiling, so he had fun learning.

I live in Smiths Falls, 2 blocks West of the TD bank.

mike at tutoringforlife dot ca